The metal seated  ball valve contains 3 main series: 1.cast steel two-piece design, 2.forged steel three-piece design and 3. top entry uni-body design, all designed conform to API 6D and fire safe test are satisfied to BS 6755 and API 6FA. They are available in size from 2 to 48 Wide range of body and trim material is available for service temperature from -46 C to 20000C and pressure rating from ANSI class 150 to 1500 or for sour service to NACE Mr0175.

Metal Seated Ball Valve 

● Design standard: API 6D, EN13942, ISO-14313. ASME B16.34
● Face To Face Dimension: API 6D, EN 558-1, EN 12982, and ASME B16.10

● manual 
● Gearbox Operated
● Electric Actuators 
● Pneumatic Actuators 
● Gas Over Oil Actuators
● Electric-hydraulic actuator