Safety valve is a valve that act as a protection of equipment from exploding or damaging and it is mainly installed in pressure vessels such as chemical plants, electric power boilers and gas storage tanks.
Safety Valve is a type of valve that automatically actuates when the pressure of inlet side of the valve increases to a predetermined pressure, to open the valve disc and discharge the fluid (steam or gas ) ; and when the pressure decreases to the prescribed value, to close the valve disc again. Safety valve is so-called a final safety device which controls the pressure and discharges certain amount of fluid by itself without any electric power support.
Safety valve support not only the safety of energy industry but also the safety and security of our life.


Nominal Diameter at InletDN 25 - DN 200 | 1" - 8"
Orifice1 D 2 - 8 T 10
Actual Orifice Diameter d014 mm - 161.5 mm | 0.551 in - 6.36 in
Actual Orifice Area A0154 mm² - 20,485 mm² | 0.239 in² - 31.75 in²
Pressure0.12 bar - 413.8 bar | 2 psig - 6,000 psig
Temperature (in accordance with ASME)-268 °C bis 538 °C | -450 °F bis 1,000 °F
Body Material1.0619, 1.4408, 1.7357 | SA 216 WCB, SA 351 CF8M, SA 217 WC6, SA 352 LCB, SA 351 CF3M, SA 995 Gr 4A CD3MN (Duplex), SA 494 M35-1 (Monel), SA 494 CX2MW (Hastelloy), SA 494 CW-6MC (Inconel)
Valve ConnectionFlange in accordance with ASME B 16.5 or DIN EN 1092
Bellows Material (optional)INCONEL 625
Load TypeSpring

Safety Relief Valve