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EDVC Of Aluminum Bronze Valve Took a Lead in offshore project abtain success for Chinese valve manufactuers

  • EDVC Of Aluminum Bronze Valve Took a Lead in offshore project abtain success for Chinese valve manufactuers

    At present EDVC company can manufacter Aluminum bronze material valve for gate valve , globe valve , ball valve , check valve , and globe tyep control valve . and EDVC Aluminum bronze valves were extensive  useded in offshore , oil &gas , and we will abtain BV approved for our Client . 

    EDVC's Aluminum broze valve will lead chinese valve manufactuer in the futurer as EDVC's motto


    Aluminium Bronze is manufactured in many alloy forms; in addition to copper and aluminium, nickel, iron, manganese and silicon are added to improve strength, corrosion resistance and machinability. These additions produce a unique set of properties (Ref 1) which are useful to the valve industrial sector:
    • High strength
    • Excellent wear and galling resistance
    • Density (5 % lighter than steel)
    • Non sparking
    • Low magnetic permeability (of <1.03μ in selected grades)
    • High corrosion resistance
    • Good stress corrosion properties
    • Good cryogenic properties
    • High resistance to cavitation
    • Damping capacity twice that of steel
    • High resistance to biofouling
    • A protective oxide surface film which has the ability to self- repair
    The Nickel Aluminium Bronze (NAB) family offers the best set of properties as, for example, CuAl10Fe5Ni5 which is the predominant composition used within the valve industry according to different standards.
    Control valves in sea water applications are liable to corrosion. These cast valves can be heat treated at 675°C for six hours to improve the corrosion resistance. For maximum corrosion resistance it is also recommended that aluminium should be less than Al % < (8.2 +Ni /2 ).

    Other typical valve applications include components in submarines and surface vessels within the Defence Marine sector, firefighting equipment on oil rigs and desalination plants. Typical properties within these sectors include:
    • General corrosion rate 0.05-0.075mm/year
    • Resistance to crevice corrosion
    • Impingement resistance Up to 4.3m/sec
    • Free corrosion potential -0.25V sce
    • Resistant to stress corrosion cracking
    • High resistance to cavitation and erosion corrosion
    Figure 1.

    aluminum bronze gate valve


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