When we choose the Bronze valves, the way of installation should also be taken into consideration. There are Flanged Bronze valves, Jacket Bronze valves and Welded Bronze valves. The installation structure must be consistent with the piping installation structure. And we should choose the fit size.

The operation of Bronze valves is simple, generally are hand wheel operated. We call them hand wheel Bronze valves. When the valves need large amount of starting force, we can choose gear operated Bronze valves which can save effort. Generally speaking, big size Bronze valves are gear operated, for example big size Bronze Gate valves, big size Bronze Globe valves, big size Bronze Check valves. Some Bronze valves are equipped with a pneumatic actuator (Pneumatic Actuator Bronze Ball valves) or motor operated (Electric Motor Bronze Ball valves).

Marine Lugged Type Metal Seated Aluminum Bronze Butterfly Valve

Product Feature:

  • 100% bi-directional tight shut-off.

  • Installation without restriction in direction of flow.

  • Reduced weight and overall dimensions

  • Low pressure loss and reduced energy costs.

  • High Kv / Cv values.

  • Easy to clean and disinfect for potable water systems etc.

  • Self cleaning ( no residue will be trapped ).

  • Good resistance to corrosion.




Technical Parameters:


Size DN32-DN600 DN650-DN2000
Working pressure 16Bar 10Bar
Shell 24Bar 15Bar
Seal 18Bar 11Bar
Operating Temperature -45℃~+150℃
Operating Environment

Ballast and bilge system Chemical processing

Desalination plants Drilling rigs Drinking water

Dry powder Food and beverage Gas plants

HAVC Mining industry Paper industry Sand handling Seawater Sugar industry

Thermo technical water treatment Waste water

Driving method Hand Lever Worm Gear Electric Pneumatic