Inverted Pressure Balance Plug Valve
Size: 1/2”~14”
Class: 150LB~2500LB;PN16~PN420
Design & manufacturing: API599, API6D
Inspection & test: API598
Applicable temperature: -29~180℃
Applicable medium: W.O.G.
Operation: manual, pneumatic, electric
Construction: B.B.-B.G.-OS&Y
Materials: A216 WCB, A351 CF8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M

Flanged End Regular Pattern Soft Sealing  Inverted Pressure Balance Plug Valve

The Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valves are suitable for use in pipelines for various kinds of working conditions with nominal pressure of CLASS150 2500 and working temperature of -29 180 in such industries as petroleum, chemistry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, and power plant etc. to turn on or cut off the flow medium of the pipelines.


Structure Features:

1.It is with reason in product structure, reliable in tightness, excellent in property, and beautiful in sculpt.
2.It is easy to operate the plug valve due to the structure of inverted pressure balance.
3.There has designed oil groove between valve body and sealing surface, through which the sealing lubricant can be injected into valve seat at any time by the grease injector to enhance the sealing function.
4.The parts material and the flange sizes can be selected in reason according to actual working conditions or customers' requirement to meet various engineering demands.




As for the simplest operation way for inverted pressure balance lubricated plug valves, it is lever operated.For the plug valve with straight bore, to rotate it by 90 can realize turning on and cutting off the plug valve. For the 3-way plug valve, it would be performed at different moving degrees among 90 -180 -270 -360 . The lever can be assembled on the valve at different 8 positions, as it can save as much as possible the assembly space. In addition. In general, the lever is relatively used for small sized plug valve, of which the details would be indicated in the drawings with outline sizes.
The gear box includes waterproof type of shell with a hand-wheel that is to be vertically assembled to the side of the plug valve. The worm and worm wheel are embedded in the bearing made of bronze, their load in axis is absorbed by the ball bearing. The bearing and the cam are lubricated in between by using concentrated molybdenum grease to prevent from generating high temperature. The gear box actuator can match other actuators as electric operator, pneumatic actuator, or hydro actuator.