EDVC Cryogenic ball valve is one of the important flow control equipment in cryogenic pipeline systems, especially suitable for services requiring valves featuring high sealing performance, swift on-off and low flow-resistance. EDVC most advanced design principle and most stringent manufacturing standard to design and manufacture cryogenic ball valve which helps EDVC cryogenic ball valve build up a reputation for reliable sealing performance, low operation torque, high stability in cryogenic service and long lifespan. Presently, EDVC cryogenic ball valves have been installed in several LNG liquefaction plants and terminals.


Fully designed to cover BS6364 requirements for full tightness in medium and severe cryogenic service.

This execution has been fully tested at -196°. Extended stem length is adapted to the valve size according to BS6364 – thermal fins isolate the stem tightness from the cold temperature.

Product Information
· Excellent internal and external sealing performance at cryogenic service
· Strict cryogenic treatment
· Middle flange quantitative compression
· Blow-out proof valve stem
· Valve stem extension design
· Pressure self-relief design of valve pocket
· Fire proof and anti-static design
· Live-loaded spring design
Performance data
· Pressure Rating: CLASS 150~CLASS900(PN10~PN160)
· Bore Size: 1/2″~48″(DN15~DN1200)
· Working Temperature: -196℃~-46℃
· Body Material: Low Temperature Steel, Stainless Steel, other material optional
· Ball Material: F304, F316, other material optional
· Seat Material: PTFE, RPTFE, PEEK, other material optional
· Operating Mode: Manual, Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator, Hydraulic