single-seated control valves are suitable for all general applications over a wide range of pressure drops and temperatures where flow rate is fairly small,The compact valve body,having S-shape flow passage that features low pressure loss,allows a large flow capacity,rangebility,and high accuracy flow characteristics which comply with the IEC standards.
  The valve plugs are availabie in a wide range of CV values,The seat leakage performance performance complies with the ANSI standards,The valve is actuated by a new compact and powerful diaphragm actuator loaded with multiple springs.
    Main Performance
   Valve size:20,25mm
   Pressure rating:JIS 10K,20K,30K,40K,ANSI CLASS 150,300,600 PN1.6,4.0,6.4
   End connection:Flanged end:RF and RJ,  welded end:SW
   Seat leakage:metal seat:ANSI Class IV,soft seat:ANSI Class VI
Hysteresis error:3%FS(without positioner),1%FS(with positioner)
Linearity:±5%FS(without positioner), ±1%FS(with positioner)
Note:The V-Teflon packing is used




Straight-through, single seated, cast globe valve

Normal size


Pressure rating

ANSI Class 125~2500;

PN 1.6~32 MPa *

Rated CV value


End connections


Welded end: SW(40~50mm);BW(65~250mm)

Body & Bonnet Material

SCPH2/WCB,SCPH21/WC6,SCS13A/CF8,SCS14A/CF8M,SCS16A/CF3M,Ti and other alloy steels .etc.

Trim Material


Hastelloy C .etc.

Fluid Temperature




Flow characteristics


Seat Leakage

Metal seat

Rated Cv0.01%  ANSI Class IV

Soft seat

Bubble-tight ANSI Class VI


HA  Pneumatic Diaphragm type

VA/VP  Cylinder piston type

EIL  Electronic type

M8  Intelligent type

Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valve