Aluminum Bronze Globe Valve

Their main function is to let the liquid flow, stop and throttle.

Aluminum Bronze Globe Valve

Compared with other material, Bronze valves are good choices for industries which require the following characteristics: Desalination and Highly corrosive environments.EDVC manufactures different types of Bronze valves which are suitable for Chemical and Oil Industries, Sea Water Service, Desalination Plants, Off-Shore and Platforms.

EDVC mainly produces Bronze valves according to the standard of API 600. We call them API 600 Bronze valves.According to different design standards, EDVC provides you DIN Bronze valves as well, for example, DIN Bronze Globe valves.

The characteristics of the Al Bronze valves are of corrosion resistance , oxidation resistance, electric resistance and clean sanitation. These features make Bronze valves special and incomparable to other metal material valves.

According to the usage, Bronze valves can be divided into the following types: