Y-pattern globe valves are mainly used to modulate or regulate the volume of the flow when a minor flow is required. A “Y” Pattern globe is preferred to T-pattern when a continuous full flow of fluid is required due to the highest guaranteed CV. This type of valve should always be installed so the flow intake enters through the base of the valve seat. The valve has an arrow stamped on the body to indicatethe preferred direction on flow. Globe valves may be used with fluids containing particles in suspension.

 y type globe valve
Low pressure drop compared to vertical globe valves.
Excellent resistance to the effects of thermal cycling.
Low torque stroking due to: 1) radial thrust bearings; 2) non-rotating stem; 3) impactor handwheel (3 –10 times more effective than standard handwheel).
Quick and easy repair in line.
Seat integrally hardfaced with CoCr alloy.
Disc fully guided with CoCr alloy seating and guiding surfaces.
Tight shutoff.
Stem expansion/contraction thrust unit for high temperature application (optional).
Other sizes available on request.
Live-loading of packing optional.