Expanding gate valve

Expanding gate valve

The opening and closing part of the expansion gate valve is a gate. The movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. It is used as a cut-off medium. When it is fully opened, the entire flow is straight. At this time, the pressure loss of the medium is minimal. Gate valves are usually suitable for working conditions that do not need to be opened and closed frequently and keep the gates fully open or fully closed. They are not suitable for use as regulation or throttling.

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Important components in refrigeration system

The expansion valve is an important part of the refrigeration system and is usually installed between the liquid storage tank and the evaporator. The expansion valve throttles the medium temperature and high pressure liquid refrigerant into low temperature and low pressure wet steam, and the refrigerant absorbs heat in the evaporator to achieve the cooling effect. The expansion valve controls the valve flow rate through the overheat change at the end of the evaporator to prevent underutilization of the evaporator area and cylinder knock.

Important components in refrigeration system

Working principle of expansion gate valve

Rotate the hand wheel, through the advance and retreat of the thread of the hand wheel and the valve stem, the valve plate connected with the valve stem can be raised or lowered to open and close. At the same time, due to the effect of the valve stem on the main gate, it It expands along the conical surface with the auxiliary gate to strengthen the close contact with the valve seat.

Working principle of expansion gate valve

Expansion valve characteristics

1. The expansion valve adopts an advanced double-flow balance flow channel.
2. The expansion valve adopts a dual-flow thermal expansion valve, so the refrigeration system saves the number of expansion valves, check valves and solenoid valves.
3. The two-way balanced flow port of the expansion valve makes the static superheat change with the change of the condensing pressure or pressure drop through the valve port.
4. The expansion valve has stable overheating, which makes the system run stably.
5. The expansion valve is suitable for various work needs, such as refrigeration and air conditioning.
6. The evaporation temperature range of the expansion valve: -40℃ to 10℃.
7. The expansion valve is suitable for R12 (Freon), R22 (difluoromonochloromethane), R134a and other media.

Expansion valve characteristics

Expansion gate valve classification

The types of expansion gate valves can be divided into soft seal and metal hard seal parallel gate valves according to the sealing surface configuration, and can be further divided into: single cone expansion, double cone expansion gate type double gate valve. Divided according to the thread position of the valve stem, it can be divided into two types: open stem gate valve and dark stem gate valve. This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline.

Expansion gate valve classification
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Expanding gate seating functionality: ISV parallel expanding gate design achieves tight mechanical seal under variations in the line pressures by providing opposing gate forces to the upstream and downstream parallel seats at the end of the open and closed position.

Expanding gate seating functionality: ISV parallel expanding gate design achieves tight mechanical seal under variations in the line pressures by providing opposing gate forces to the upstream and downstream parallel seats at the end of the open and closed position.

Double expanding gate valves are made by two sliding pieces consisting of a gate and a second segment (male and female wedge segment). ... Sealing is achieved in both high and low pressure conditions by expanding the gate and the segment out towards the seats while the wedge is in a closed position.

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