Top-mounted trunnion ball valve, perfect solution

Top-mounted trunnion ball valve, perfect solution

Top entry ball valve are the perfect solution for offshore and onshore systems. The convenience of operation and maintenance is the basic feature of our design, even in the case of limited space, it can also simplify the online disassembly for interior inspection or interior maintenance. Our valves also provide excellent corrosion resistance and excellent sealing performance under high pressure and low pressure. The valve is manufactured by a single forging or casting, and is equipped with two independent valve seats to achieve two-way sealing.

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Plus type fully equipped

CNC machine tools ,large vertical lathes, drill press, milling lathe grinding machine , Welding machine , separate metal working workshops and many general machine tool etc.

Multiple tests

Material analysis, PMI Material analysis. Chemical analysis. Low temperature test, Tensile Test ,Impact test, Hardness test. Wall thickness test, roughness test. Torque test. NDT Inspection (MT,PT,UT,RT). HIC test ,SSC test . Intercrystalline corrosion Test ,Uniform corrosion Test.

Passed ISO certification

The company is the first one to pass ISO 9001(2008),ISO 14001 ,OHAS 18001 international quality system certificate, China pressure pipe safety registration certificate (AZ), European Union safety registration certificate (CE0036), and American Petroleum Institute Certificate (API 6D) and (API607) .

Industry Association Member

We are one of the member unit of China Valve Association as well as China Gas Association, member unit of first class supplying network of CNPC and member unit of fittings supplying network of State Power Corporation.

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EDVC VALVE CO., a specialized in valve manufacturing enterprise with more than 15 years of history.We main produce Top Entry Ball Valve, Fully Welded Ball Valve, Arc Valve, Aluminum Bronze Valve, Automatic Recirculation Valve, Orbit Ball Valve, Safety Valve, Globe Valve, Tilting Disc Check Valve and Rising Stem Ball Valve etc.

The products have been exported to Austria, France, Germany, United Kingdom ,America, Middle East and Asia, Africa . areas and countries. Moreover, the products are widely used in the fields of oil & gas, Oil refinery, Petrochemical,power station ,Sewage treatment, pharmacy, Paper mills, pipeline industry , mining industry , chemical industry and environmental protection.

We are a professional manufacturer of valves in China, with the aim of "providing the first class products and services". On behalf of all of the members at EDVC Valve, we thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

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Two-way sealing function

Standard nylon and PEEK valve seats with superior performance in both inlet and outlet two-way sealing functions ensure an effective sealant housing design under low pressure conditions. Sealant can be housed in an emergency to seal the valve stem or valve seat. Adopt unique valve seat retractable technology

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The torque of the metal valve seat and the corrugated spring of the valve stem seal ring is reduced to the minimum, which is convenient for the effective contact of the valve rod and the valve body. The superior performance anti-static grounding equipment is preset with the drive device platform and screw holes, and the drive device can be installed at any time. ; When the valve seat burns out or is damaged, the metal valve seat automatically clings to the ball, and there is a small leakage between the valve seat and the ball. .

Features of top entry ball valve

The integral valve body is designed with a top-mounted pivot fixed support, and the flange structure is designed with an integral pivot fixed ball rod design with a double-blocking release function and a high-strength integral ball rod structure.
To ensure the precise positioning of the ball, the pivot adopts an anti-blowout protection structure, 2 sets of O-ring seals, and a fireproof packing structure on the valve stem.
Effectively prevent leakage and corrosion. The low friction coefficient of the bearing can move the nylon sealed metal valve seat to the ball due to the nickel corrugated spring.

Flexible gasket selection

These valves have complete flexibility in the use of materials for body and trim along with seal gasket selection. For this reason, they are suitable for the most severe applications which can be encountered onshore, offshore and in the process industry.

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Top entry ball valves are valves that assembled its ball from top side part. It just like a globe valve that has body and bonnet except the trim part utilize a ball type. It comprises a one single body. Usually top entry ball valves are made from casting metal.

Ball valves are perhaps the easiest valve to see if they are open or closed. If the handle on top is parallel to the valve, it's open. Likewise, if the handle is perpendicular to the top, the valve is closed.

That's a little premature for failure but being they are mechanical there is no reason to expect them to last longer than any other mechanical valve. They all have a failure rate.

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