What is an automatic recirculation valve(arc valve) ?

What is an automatic recirculation valve(arc valve) ?

An automatic recirculation valve (arc valve)  is a kind of pump protection device. It automatically protects the centrifugal pump when a pump body occurs cavitation damage or unstable (especially conveying hot water at low load operation). Once pump flow is lower than the preset flow, bypass can completely open to ensure the minimum required flow pump. Even running fully closed, the name of the main flow is zero, the minimum flow can also discharge from the bypass.

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Advantages of arc valve

In terms of early product purchase, installation and debugging, and later maintenance, it has obvious cost advantages. The overall cost is 2/3 lower than the traditional control valve system. The bypass flow can be adjusted and controlled. The overall valve operation has a high economic efficiency and a complete mechanical structure. The flow control valve does not require additional energy. Only one valve is needed to realize the protection of the pump and no other additional components are needed. Therefore, it is not affected by system failures.

Advantages of arc valve

ARC Valve Control Trim Options

SchuF offers a variety of ARC valve control trim options. Choice will depend on many factors such as the medium, the required pressure drop, solid contents and the nature of the process. The most common form of pressure control in the bypass line is achieved via a series of nozzle plates. The required pressure drop is achieved by varying the number, size and position of the nozzles in the bypass and the number of plates used.

ARC Valve Control Trim Options

Features of arc valve

1. Flow sensing: The automatic recirculation valve (automatic recirculation valve) can sense the main flow in the process system, and determine the position of its spool according to this flow;
2. Recirculation control: The automatic recirculation valve can bypass the small flow required for the normal operation of the pump to the pump suction tank or condensate tank to prevent the pump from overheating;
3. Multi-stage depressurization: The bypass control system can sense the added flow liquid from its high pressure to a suitable low pressure (the pressure in the pump suction tank) with low noise and small wear;
4. Check function: The automatic recirculation valve can also be used as a check valve to prevent the fluid from returning to the liquid pump; the multifunctional control valve is an automatic recirculation valve. The automatic recirculation valve can reduce the high water pressure in the pipeline before the valve to the level required by the pipeline after the valve.

Features of arc valve

Main function of automatic recirculation valve

An automatic recirculation valve (ARC valve) is a multifunctional valve whose primary purpose is to ensure that a pre-determined minimum flow is assured through a centrifugal pump at all times. This is important as centrifugal pumps suffer from over heating and cavitation and can be permanently damaged if they run dry

Main function of automatic recirculation valve
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The modern industrial equipment process request centrifugal pump basically works under the condition of variable flow. An automatic recirculation valve (ARC valve) is a multifunctional valve whose primary purpose is to ensure that a pre-determined minimum flow is assured through a centrifugal pump at all times.

This valve closes when there is no flow, automatically opening the bypass line, which is sized for minimum flow. When the main line takes flow but less than minimum, the bypass line and the main line are both partially open.

Operation of a ARV Valve. The heart of the recirculation valve is a main flow sensing check valve disc, which is flow sensitive, not pressure sensitive. The disc modulates to the demand for process flow at the same time helping ensure a minimum flow through the pump.

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