What is non lubricated plug valve?

Non lubricated plug valve contain a polymeric body liner or a sleeve, which is installed in the body cavity. The tapered and polished plug acts like a wedge and presses the sleeve against the body. The nonmetallic sleeve reduces the friction between the plug and the body.
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Plus type fully equipped

CNC machine tools ,large vertical lathes, drill press, milling lathe grinding machine , Welding machine , separate metal working workshops and many general machine tool etc.

Multiple tests

Material analysis, PMI Material analysis. Chemical analysis. Low temperature test, Tensile Test ,Impact test, Hardness test. Wall thickness test, roughness test. Torque test. NDT Inspection (MT,PT,UT,RT). HIC test ,SSC test . Intercrystalline corrosion Test ,Uniform corrosion Test.

Passed ISO certification

The company is the first one to pass ISO 9001(2008),ISO 14001 ,OHAS 18001 international quality system certificate, China pressure pipe safety registration certificate (AZ), European Union safety registration certificate (CE0036), and American Petroleum Institute Certificate (API 6D) and (API607) .

Industry Association Member

We are one of the member unit of China Valve Association as well as China Gas Association, member unit of first class supplying network of CNPC and member unit of fittings supplying network of State Power Corporation.

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Application areas of non lubricated plug valve

Used in industrial fields, including development of petroleum, chemical, natural gas, liquefied natural gas and petroleum fields, HVAC, transmission and oil refineries.

Non lubricated plug valve parameters

These valves require less maintenance. The non lubricated plug valve manufacturer produce these valves in ½ inches through 24 inches. The pressure classes range from 150 to class 600. The pressure capacities vary according to the pressure classes and the sizes.

Non-Lubricated Plug Valve Design Features

  • Additional seal on theplug to double ensure bubble-tight shutoff and gurantee zero emissions;
  • Multiple options for control systems (e.g. pneumatic and electric actuators); no need to revise the original design.
  •  Top entry bolts for quick and easy on-line adjustment; a simple turn of the bolt could effectively adjust the seal and reduse maintenance;
  • Positioner to indicate valve status;
  • Self-adjusting plug compensates for wear; with innovative design, precision casting and state-of-the-arts machining, optimum seal and minimum torque are guaranteed.

Cast Steel Non Lubricated Plug Valve

The Cast Steel Non Lubricated Plug Valves are used with high pressure high temperature systems. The applications include boiler, heat exchanger feed lines and other high pressure fluid flow systems. 

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Non lubricated valve do not employ lubrication as a means of protection. There are three sub-types of non-lubricated valves based on the design or material. Some non-lubricated plug valves use an elastomeric sleeve to protect plug valve components.

The three main types of non-lubricated plug valves are: Lift-type plug valve Elastomer sleeved plug valve Fully lined plug valve

Non lubricated plug valve are limited by temperature and chemical compatibility of the non-metallic materials they are made of.

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