What is a  tilting disc check valve

What is a tilting disc check valve

The  tilting disc check valve is a new type of check valve developed by combining years of valve production technology with advanced product design and development. Its main advantage is to overcome the impact caused by the swing check valve and the lift type upper return valve under working conditions. , Water hammer phenomenon, realize non-impact operation.

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Valve Maintenance

Compared to the swing check valve where there is a bolted cap on top, the tilting disc check valve is difficult to do maintenance on.  It typically will require removal of the entire valve from the process which is longer and more expensive than opening the top of the valve.  This is because tilting disc valves usually have a split body.  However, if there is a situation where there is tampering by the personnel operating the swing check valve, such as removing the disk because they don’t like it, a tilting disc might be a good solution

In pumping applications

Tilting disc check valves are installed in pumping applications to prevent backflow in the system. All interior parts are stainless steel or coated with drinking water approved epoxy. Measures are available to mitigate pressure surges like a lever and a weight fitted to the shaft end to help close the valve before the flow changes direction or a hydraulic damper that makes sure the disc does not slam into the seat and cause water hammer.

Lighter and smaller than the disc in a swing check valve

The tilting disc is much lighter and smaller than the disc in a swing check valve.  Additionally, the center of gravity for the disc is very close to its pivot point.  This means that the cracking pressure is much lower.  The tilting disc check valve has much lower pressure drop at low flows than the swing check valve.  However, at higher flow rates, the tilting disc has a higher pressure drop than the swing check valve.

Working principle of swash plate check valve

The seat sealing surface of the inclined disc check valve is a part of the oblique cone. The sealing line formed between the valve seat and the disc is an approximately elliptical curve, and the angle between the plane of the curve and the centerline of the valve flow channel is 60 degrees ; The long axis center of the approximate elliptical sealing line forms an angular eccentricity with the cone axis, that is, the second eccentric included angle between the axis of the cone where the valve seat sealing surface is located and the centerline of the valve body flow channel is 15 degrees to 20 degrees ;
The axis of the valve flap rotation shaft forms an eccentric amount relative to the axis of the cone, and is in an eccentric position relative to the plane where the sealing line is located;
When the pressure of the medium reaches its working pressure, the valve flap opens. When the pressure of the medium decreases, the butterfly swash plate valve flap automatically closes. Because the valve flap and the metal valve seat are eccentric, this structure makes the valve The flap is capable of pendulum movement. There will be no friction or sliding contact during the combination and separation of the disc beveled valve seat and the funnel-shaped valve disc;
When it is closed, it can quickly and without external force, and almost no impact or collision with the valve seat to achieve sealing. At the same time, it has the characteristics of large flow and small flow resistance;

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Tilting disk check valves can be installed in horizontal lines and vertical lines having upward flow. Some designs simply fit between two flange faces and provide a compact, lightweight installation, particularly in larger diameter valves. The disk lifts off of the seat to open the valve.

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